Introducing Listing Lab

Create the best real estate content imaginable.

Become the online authority for listings in your area with the most powerful platform available for generating real estate content.

Effortlessly express your property expertise to investors, buyers, and sellers.

Pick the data points you want, combine your real estate expertise, and tell the story you want about the listings in your area.

We handle finding and neatly packaging together virtually all the data points you could want; listing data, property features, mortgage data, investment numbers, comparable sales, neighborhood features and more.

Create the content your clients need, at scale.

Quickly iterate on your listing content ideas, and see what works fast. Attract your ideal clients with content that resonates with their needs.

Social Media

Quickly generate social media captions and posts.

Start a social media page for new listings in your desired area, expand your network with quick listing updates, to updating your followers on your newest listing.

Investment reports

Generate insightful reports to investment clients.

Create reports on the numbers. We provide the usual data points such as estimated rent, NOI, cap rate, and more that investors are looking for.

Personalized Sales

Quickly draft emails and texts to prospects about new listings.

Decrease the time and energy to service your clients, and increase your listing capacity and ability to provide the highest quality of service to every client.

Start now with our free tier.

Join us in creating real estate content that goes beyond the data, and brings your real estate expertise directly to clientele.

Simple pricing, advanced capabilities.

Packages designed to accommodate you on all stages of your AI journey.


Experiment with AI generated content at no cost with our free models.


  • Access to free models
  • 25 listings with full data gathering
  • 250 text generations
  • 750 token max length text generations


Start generating text content for listings with powerful AI models.


  • Access to free and pro models
  • 125 listings with full data gathering
  • 1,250 text generations
  • 4k token length text generations


For organizations looking to transform their business with AI.


  • Custom listing limits
  • Custom text generation limits
  • 16k+ token max length

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team.

    • Do I need to credit or attribute text generations?

      No, generations are yours 100% and you can use them without attribution.

    • Are text generations saved?

      Absolutely, your generations are easily accessible and stored until you delete them.

    • Am I unknowingly training some AI model?

      Your text generations are not and will not be used to train an AI model.

    • Who is this product for?

      This product is being designed for real estate agents to help them better serve clients.

    • Do you have support for teams?

      We currently do not have support for team, if this is a feature you would like contact us.

    • Do you have an affiliate program?

      We currently do not have an affiliate program. If this is something you are interested, in contact us.

    • What happens if I use my allocation?

      You will still be able to access all your generations, and you can wait until your membership renews, or upgrade to the next tier.

    • How can I check my usage?

      Click the Subscriptions tab in the dashboard, and you can check you your current usage and quotas.

    • How do I pause or cancel a subscription?

      Not for you? No worries, click the Subscriptions tab in the dashboard, and then click "Manage Subscription" to cancel or upgrade with our payment partner Stripe.